The 1950s Scrapbook

 After 10 years of austerity, the 1950s saw rationing draw to an end. Gathered together in this colourful creation of over 1,000 products and images, The 1950s scrapbook conjures up the life and times of the Coronation of Elizabeth II to the abundance of toys and television programmes, every Memorable and evocative, The 1950s scrapbook illustrates an extraordinary period of British history, from rationing to rock 'n' roll, from Archie Andrews to the Mini Minor. Taking the best of the Robert Opie Collection (on display at the Museum of Advertising and Packaging, Gloucester), The 1950s Scrapbook adds to the different lifestyles portrayed in the companion volumes of the 1930s Scrapbook and The Wartime Scrapbook.


The 1950s Scrapbook
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