FMR White Edition

The "FMR: White Edition" is the extremely elegant 'other side' of the black magazine. With the same quality and refinement it focuses on art and culture from the Twenttieth Century to the present day, thanks to precise texts and extraordinary images. The title evokes its illustrious predecessor, the "Revue Blanche" and it presents a line of reasoning that is no less impassioned, an all-round review of the forms of contemporary culture. The "FMR: White Edition" aims to reconstruct the relationship between modern art and society's values, projects and identity. Each month, "FMR" and "FMR: White Edition" will alternate, to make up a single, uninterrupted dialogue on our cultural identity with the common aim of inaugurating a new season of beauty. Both magazines, which are published bi-monthly, are available in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

FMR White Edition
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