Best of Minipie & Mudpie - Boys Graphics

 Best of Minipie & Mudpie - Boys Graphics a Mudpie book.

Over a thousand graphic designs for the childrenswear market

Collected from our archive of trendbook graphics from past seasons, this latest product from Mudpie is the essential tool for any designer. This unique product contains 110 pages of graphics and elements representing the best of Mudpie’s graphic design work from our leading childrenswear trendbooks, Minipie and Mudpie. Collated and presented in the typical high quality, useable Mudpie style, this book is designed with childrenswear market in mind.

Boys Graphics – the best of Minipie & Mudpie is published with a DVD containing fully vectorized artwork. The editable files can be opened in the appropriate software packages on both MAC and PC and then restyled and recoloured to create your own styles, designs, prints and graphics.

The ultimate commercial time saving design tool providing a platform from which you can reinvent or create your own unique fashion, lifestyle, stationery or homeware ranges.

Best of Minipie & Mudpie - Boys Graphics
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